Wednesday, July 9, 2008


-Sir Jack said...

Ello Captain Jack!! You have fine crew of canine's there...and now I know you have fans at home too! You describe them all so well, nearly down to the teeth, LOL.

I think Max and Star would make a fine pair. If you are sitting down and Max wants your attention, he puts his chin on your knee, looks up at you with those brown "doggy" eyes.

Thanks for sharing! I'll be back to see the other photos of your pets!!
Cheers mate and stay cool!!

~Minxie~ said...

As much as love them all.... my little "Precious" is my favorite!!!!!

Hugs to all the puppies!!! and you as well!!!

CaptainJack said...

Why thank you Sir Jack...they are good dogs, each one of them. The one Minxie calls "Precious" is little Kudo. They've bonded a bit it seems lol

Hello love, thanks for coming in to pet the doggies. ;P

Lotus said...

Love Star the best! She sounds like my kind of friend! As much as I liked todays blog, I liked the one about Southgate Mall even better! Thanks for sharing.

Blaznfire911 said...

Awww how cute are they!! I have you beat by one dog, and two cats though LOL

That's right, I have 7 dogs, and 3 cats to my name! One day I will put upa blog about them for everyone to see. I know what you mean about animals being skiddish for photos though. I do have a couple good group shots that I will post up in a few weeks for all to see!

Thanks for sharing that with us. I LOVE animals!


shakenbsis said...

OH Cap'n!!!

I love your animal stories! You made me want to meet them, weird, eh?

Your resident 'Lady' reminds me of an old friend who is probably no longer with us...
*moment of silence*