Monday, July 14, 2008


~Minxie~ said...
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shakenbsis said...

Hey Cap'n!

Glad to hear you are on the re-birth side of a writer's block. (a very, very good feeling) I really enjoyed reading this ;)

"Writing is all about connection - connection to people, connection to your own core. I write better when I feel connected, and I lose interest when I feel disconnected."

I find this to be true of not just writing but many of the passions which drive me as well. Thanks for putting 'it' into words!

Good day to you Cap'n!

This is what popped up inmy google alerts today, do you know this guy?

calypso said...

Hi Captain! Shakes told me I should check out your blog. I really loved your blog today. Creativity and writing are a wonderful pair. I'm an artist AND I also dabble in writing.
I love the way you write, the way you use your words to express your thoughts. So what kind of piece are you working on now? It must be a tough one!

I like your comment about writing being a connection to many feels the same way to me in that respect! Ahh the creative process!!!

Good luck on breaking free of your writer's block...the shackles of the pen and the curse of finding the perfect words!! Have a great day "Morty"!

Writers said...

From one writer to another ~

I googled writer's block and came across your blog. I totally understand where you're coming from ~ although comparing one's self to Johnny Depp isn't a bad thing, but to Mort, well, now, that is another story. lol. Glad to hear you don't bury people in your backyard or plant corn to cover it up ~ LOL

Here is a link to checkout ~

I wish you luck as you continue on your writing path. Just don't ever give up and believe in yourself as a writer, first and foremost!!

Happy writing ~

oh, one more thing ~ checkout the book, if you haven't already, Reading Like A Writer by Francine Prose. ;)

Lotus said...

Captain, meant to leave this yesterday and got waylaid somewhere along my journey. I did not know you were a writer...until reading this! I am impressed!

I like to consider myself a writer, but I am far too lazy to actually write! Wishing you a speedy end to your blockage, although you appear to be coming out of it! Have a great and productive day.

Blaznfire911 said...

We really need to help each other out in this aspect.

AS you know, writer's block is a big deal for me right now as well. I have said it once, and I will say it again....I have too many thoughts in my head, and not an idea on how to write them down!

Blogging has helped me a little bit, as have talking to you and to everyone else I have met. I could write a whole book just based on the people I have met over the past few months! Sadly...I have writer's block LOL

I wish you all the best, and stay in touch ok.


-Sir Jack said...

Hey mate!! Great blog Captain...I love writing!!

I just dropped by to let you know that I have a blog up that you may be interested in...
*holds up rum bottle & ciggie*

Cilla said...

Writer's block can be a heckuva thing. However, when inspiration strikes when you least expect it, more often this becomes the best work you would have never expected. Sometimes the best writing isn't when you force yourself to write. You know this. You write beautifully.

Good luck, Captain Jack, from one writer to another.